We Bring You Exclusive Pre-Qualified Leads Daily

Pay-per-lead with no "lock in" or hidden costs

Why these are NOT your typical "online leads":

1. We target your ideal customers

Using your brand, we create a custom digital ad campaign to attract your ideal clients from your preferred geographic areas with a relevant and compelling offer. These "in-market" leads are EXCLUSIVE to your business.

2. We automatically qualify leads

We use automated methods to filter and qualify leads so you won't need to waste time on "cold leads" or "tyre kickers". Instead you can focus on sales and serving your valuable clients.

3. You get results - more clients and profits!

The combination of targeting your ideal clients under your brand and automatically pre-qualifying leads boosts your ROI. Stop wasting time and money on outdated tactics and let us show you a better way!

Clear, simple pricing with no "lock-in" or hidden costs

The old way vs the new way:

Typical Agencies

Our Model

Leads are the lifeblood of every business…

And if you really want to grow your business you can’t afford to rely on referrals…

But when it comes to generating leads from advertising?

Lead quality is a HUGE problem…

For example, what good is a lead who barely remembers filling in a form?

How likely is it you will be able to convert such a cold lead into an paying client or customer?

Very unlikely is my guess. 🙂

You see, getting quality leads from paid ads is an art and a science…

And it requires a more sophisticated approach to qualify and filter the leads.

But what if it was possible to not only get as many leads as your team can handle… but to ALSO dramatically increase the chances of converting them?

What if you could simply order as many leads as you need for a fixed price per lead and a written guarantee of quality?

Well that’s exactly what we offer.

We use the latest digital advertising strategies to generate targeted, pre-qualified, exclusive leads for our clients.

These methods have been proven with a range of different financial products and services and millions of dollars in ad spend.

And the best part?

You only pay for the leads you need.

There are NO setup fees, NO monthly fees and NO minimum term contracts.

So if you’re serious about growing your business and understand the value of lead generation beyond warm referrals?

Let’s talk.

But please note the following requirements for success:

  1. You must have an effective sales process that CONVERTS leads into clients.


  2. You must be capable of handling a significant number of additional pre-qualified leads per month.*

(*This depends on the specific industry or market segment.)

If that sounds good, we’d love to hear more about your business and ideal clients.

Click the button below and follow the prompts.

Want to grow your business?


We generate leads for home improvement companies (roofing, kitchens, bathrooms and solar installation) and financial services.

First, we take time to research and understand your business and ideal clients. Then we develop long-form creative assets. We use the latest “in-market” data and artificial intelligence algorithms to find people who are actively looking for your product or service. And we use advanced strategies to filter and pre-qualify the leads so your sales team are only sent genuine “marketing qualified leads”.

For B2C leads, the minimum order is normally 50 leads. For B2B leads, it varies depending on the specific industry, segment and offer. 

This varies by industry and specific offer. Contact us for a quote. 

It takes around 5-7 working days to get a brand new client campaign up and running. At this point leads will start being delivered to you. 

There are three parts to our guarantee: 1) We guarantee you will receive the number of leads you ordered. 2) We guarantee the leads will be exclusive to your business. And 3) we guarantee the leads will be genuine pre-qualified enquiries with valid contact details. You will not be charged for duplicates, hoaxes or typos.

We offer a range of options for lead delivery, to suit your sales process and workflow. This may include a combination of email, SMS, online spreadsheet and direct-to-CRM delivery.