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We generate guaranteed high quality enquiries for finance companies

Expert Lead Generation

We use the latest digital advertising strategies to generate 25 or more finance enquiries per week for our clients. These strategies have been tried and tested with a range of different financial services and millions of dollars in ad spend.

High Quality Leads

When it comes to generating leads from advertising, lead quality is a big problem. We use automated strategies to filter and qualify leads, so you can stop wasting time on "ice cold" leads and focus on converting leads into applications.

Better Results

The combination of a winning ad strategy and high lead quality is deadly, when it comes to getting the best possible ROI for your marketing dollars. Stop wasting time or money on outdated lead generation tactics and let us show you a better way!

Would you be excited getting at least 25 GUARANTEED high quality finance enquiries every week?

The old way vs the new way:

Typical Agencies

  • Expensive agency retainers
  • Minimum term contracts
  • High set-up fees
  • Poor lead quality
  • Low conversion rate
  • Low ROI

Our Model

  • Pay-per-lead (NO retainer)
  • NO minimum term
  • NO set-up cost
  • High lead quality
  • High conversion rate
  • High ROI

Boost your ROI with exclusive, high quality finance leads - on demand!

Leads are the lifeblood of every finance company…

And if you want to really grow your business you need more than just a trickle of referrals…

But when it comes to generating finance leads from advertising?

Lead QUALITY is a HUGE problem…

For example, what good is a lead who barely remembers filling in a form?

How likely is it you will be able to convert such a cold lead into an application?

Very unlikely is my guess. 🙂

You see, getting quality leads from paid advertising is both an art and a science…

And it requires a more sophisticated approach to qualify and filter the leads.

But what if it was possible to not only get as many leads as your team can handle… but to ALSO dramatically increase the chances of converting them?

What if you could simply order as many leads as you need each week for a fixed price per lead?

With a guarantee of lead quality?

Well that’s exactly what we offer.

We use the latest digital advertising strategies to generate 25 or more guaranteed high quality finance enquiries per week for our clients.

These methods have been proven with a range of different financial products and services and millions of dollars in ad spend. 

This is how we can guarantee lead quality.

And the best part?

You only pay for the leads you need.

There are NO setup fees, NO monthly fees and NO minimum term contracts.

Which means we can offer a risk-free trial: We’ll create a campaign tailored to your brand and start sending you leads so you can experience the results for yourself.

So if you’re serious about growing your business and understand the value of lead generation beyond referrals?

Let’s talk.

But please note the following criteria for success:

You must…

  1. Have a proven sales process.
  2. Understand the importance of follow-up.
  3. And be capable of handling at least 100 additional leads per month.

If that sounds good, we’d love to hear more about your business and ideal clients.

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We generate high quality enquiries for finance companies.

First, we take time to research and understand your business and ideal clients. Then we develop long-form creative assets. We use the latest “in-market” data and artificial intelligence algorithms to find people who are actively looking for your product or service. And we use advanced strategies to filter and pre-qualify the leads so your sales team are only sent genuine “marketing qualified leads”. Most of our leads are generated via the Facebook advertising platform.

It depends on your specific offer and the industry niche. We will initially agree on a trial campaign designed to generate the first 25-100 leads. Following the trial, we will then agree on a quantity of leads to supply on a weekly basis with no lock-in or minimum term.

We will review your requirements and give you a fixed price quote for the initial trial campaign to generate a certain number of leads (typically 25, 50 or 100, depending on the industry and offer). Following this, we will establish a price per lead for further orders which can be placed on a weekly basis.

It takes around 10-14 working days to get a brand new trial campaign up and running. At this point leads will start being delivered to you. Following the initial set-up and optimisation phase, we aim to deliver lead orders on a weekly basis.

We actually offer 3 guarantees: 1) We guarantee you will receive the number of leads you ordered. 2) We guarantee the leads will be exclusive to your business. And 3) we guarantee the leads will be genuine enquiries with valid contact details. You will not be charged for cold leads, duplicates, hoaxes or typos.

We offer a range of options for lead delivery, to suit your sales process and workflow. This may include a combination of email, SMS, online spreadsheet and direct-to-CRM delivery.